Why Choose Teaminindia


Offices near Melbourne

Although we have offices worldwide, we have one in Melbourne at Altona Meadows and we are always available for a meeting to discuss your requirements. We can also come to your office or meet at a place convinent to both.


Senior Level Specialists

We have our own Development Centres and Employees. That means NO freelancers or Contractors JUST dedicated full time staff. Imagine us as an extension to your own employees and all the benefits that brings.


Direct Communications

Our bespoke online project management system helps. Our local rate phone numbers, IM and emails help even more. We know how important communications is and view it as the lifeblood of any project.


Starting $18/hour

From over 13 years experience we know how money can be an issue, especially for a startup or small business. Our business models are designed to keep costs as low as possible, starting from only $18/hour!


You Own the Rights

As our strengths are development on web and mobile we don’t have a view on what you do with your code, site or system. Once we’re done all IP and rights will be assigned to yourself. And don’t worry about finding something identical 2 weeks later – you can rest assured it didn’t come from us as we’re not like that!

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Teaminindia provides
a multitude of client-focused services

Team in India (TII) is an international company with Headquarters near Brighton. With offices in Washington, DC (USA) and Melbourne (Australia) supporting our three Development Centres in Jaipur, India, we can offer the services and customer care you would expect at a price that is keenly competitive.

Our technical expertise and over 13 years knowledge helps to provide you with dynamic, content rich and data driven websites and apps that can provide you the competitive advantage in today’s marketplaces. Stand out from the crowd with a presence that puts you head and shoulders above the competition!